Monday, November 1, 2010

Report Card

15,000 Word Blog Word Count: 362
My NaNoWriMo Word Count: 368
Where we should be Word Count: 1,667

Day: #1!!!

Tip# 1!!!!


We're HERE!!! I hope all of you have your 1,667 quota for today. Well, the hypocrite that I apparently am, I have barley started. But! That's ok! Because... we are in the honeymoon period. For the three days to the next week, depending on how busy your schedule is, writing will be a no brainer, problem free.

But, we can't get through this alone. You'll need some handy dandy tools. Here's my favorite:

Writing Report Card

Report Card

It's a report card designed specifically to track your progress. There's a Morale Chart, a Progress Chart and even a Summary report all based off of the information you plug into the little boxes. It helps you keep track of the entire month as a whole. I did not make this!!! I found it years ago and though I do believe there are others still floating around out there I have not been able to find this version since. It neatly keeps the heading right at the top no matter where you are in the spreadsheet, very helpful. I only added the pretty little picture, though I didn't do that either.

A few other thing's I'd like to suggest.
1. Keep updating your word count on the website. It's nice to see as you go how much you're accomplishing day by day.
2. Get emails from the website. Not only will it remind you to write if you happen to stray away to all the distracting emails, it just might tell you something interesting.
3. Don't go online explore until you are done with your daily quota, it will only get you distracted.
4. Though it kills me to say this, don't read this blog, any others or any social networking site until you have reached your daily quota. Now homework and other responsibilities do not necessarily fall into this category but as long as you're not web browsing too much you're more likely to focus and get your writing done.

Good luck all!! I'm off to write my own 1,667.

Dare: One thousand, six hundred sixty seven words.

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